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13. Delicious – December Reflections 2022


New Mexican food probably deserves to be posted here but I don’t think I took any photos of the food while in New Mexico. We had some delicious pozole and wonderful enchiladas, and definitely missed the free chips and salsa situation that comes with Tex-Mex, but the lack of photos is hampering my ability to make them the highlight here. What? I can write a post without photos? Do you know me? How long have you been reading? You know that’s not something I do often! Photos, I need photos!

So, the deliciousness that gets shared here is my jar of roselle syrup that I made at the end of October. I hadn’t had it in a few weeks and opened the jar back up this morning and it still tastes delicious! I had been saving my roselle calyces every year for tea but felt like doing something different after I took the plants down in October and saw someone else online had made syrup. Luckily there was a recipe from Edible Houston that was easy to follow and I made the syrup on a late Sunday afternoon. Making it reminded me of when I spent more time making concoctions in the kitchen. I get in periods of time where I want nothing to do with making things but I feel myself switching a bit and trying to get back into that.

Oh, also no photos, but I did make these delicious soft gingerbread cookies a few weekends ago and LOVE THEM! I’m the only one eating them, which is fine, and I’m contemplating making another batch. I used my ground/powdered ginger from the garden and it was delightful! It’s super easy if you have a stand mixer and they cook quickly!

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