December Reflections 2022,  Memes,  Thoughts

26. So Grateful For… – December Reflections 2022


  • The ability to still hike and walk! Aging and aches and pains makes you grateful for what you are able to accomplish.
  • My ability to pick Forest up from school and then bring him back to the office—the school is right across from our office!
  • Lunch breaks at home!
  • My group chat text sessions with my friends—love those girls so much!
  • Books…always grateful for the amount of books just begging to be read!
  • This week off work after Christmas! I always cherish it.
  • Warmish afternoon, almost 60* today! Uncovered the plants and now I’m excited for spring. (shh, I know we have to get through two more months of cold!)
  • Making art again!
  • Cozy afternoon naps this past weekend.
  • And also, so grateful for you readers out there!

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