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Agalinis fasciulatus, Beach False Foxglove | Wildflower Wednesday



The Agalinis species can be a little confusing to tell apart, well, at least I tend to think they are. I’m trying to get better at identifying them so if I’m completely goofed, let me know! These were seen in Angelina National Forest last October, along the Sawmill Trail. We were in the area again two weekends ago but the bustling area of various blooms from October didn’t exist quite yet. I was a bit disappointed not to see at least something blooming there–I was mostly on a lepidopteran and insect hunt and was thus disappointed.

A couple of guides for figuring out this species: pfau_tarleton’s iNat journal entry and his Google Slides Guide, which I found very helpful!

The other species I think it could be would be A. purpurea but based on habitat (that one likes only wet conditions) I don’t think it’s that.

Anyway, hope you can get some wildflowers in today!

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