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Good Things on a Sunday Morning *Monday Edition* | 3

Hello! My head hasn’t been in the right space to be spending much time here so here’s a post to get me back into the groove again!

  • I have been very engrossed in working to save Fairfield Lake State Park, something I wrote about here a few months ago. Things have really hit the fan in the last month after TPWD voted to use eminent domain to save the state park. The developer, who took ownership of the park, lake and adjacent properties on June 1st, has since gone on a whirlwind PR tour in Freestone county to sway local opinion. There was a last minute PR dog and pony show last Thursday by the developer and some of the folks I’ve been working with managed to make it to protest and listen to what he had to say (45 minute rant!). Brett Shipp with Spectrum News has been following this since the beginning and he’s done many pro-FLSP segments–unlike the Dallas Morning News and Fort Worth Star Telegram who have continually put out pro-developer content. Anyway, these two videos summarize what has been happening and they are just so great!

    What is really hilarious is that many of these anti-ED locals posted on their personal FB pages and within the SFLSP group very early on this year in support of Representative Angelia Orr’s bill as it was initially proposed, an eminent domain bill. The abrupt turn around in the last six weeks—well, you can piece that together when you start digging in a bit.

  • I’m…thinking about fall. What??? I know. But two weeks ago I started thinking about fall scented candles and it was all over for me! I’m ready for the season change. This heat dome can take its leave now!
  • Austenland! This is a 2013 movie I originally watched in 2014 one afternoon when I was pregnant with Forest after my family had left from visiting with me one weekend. The house was quiet, it was a relaxing afternoon to watch the movie—I can still remember the vibes from that day. I hadn’t thought about the movie much since then but saw it was on Starz and so I queued it up on Saturday afternoon and watched it again. Still just as cute and one of those fluffy movies you need to escape into! I swear Jennifer Coolidge plays a similar role in every movie or show she is in! (I recently watched season 1 of White Lotus–thoughts forthcoming at some point!)

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  • Speaking of Starz—Outlander is back! I look forward to Friday nights so much now! They are really compressing books at this point, considering there is only one more season of the show left, they’ve gotta pack it all in. This is my queue to read the latest book that has been sitting on my nightstand for a year and a half!

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  • And speaking of books, I made a foray to Barnes and Noble on Saturday evening as I hadn’t been in a few years and I wanted to browse. In the past I have gone on my birthday to browse but I’m working this year so I don’t have the time to devote to looking at books and adding more to my TBR. I did come home with one magazine, Oh, Reader, a new to me magazine that looked delightful, and one book, Isabel Allende’s Violeta. I took photos of so many more and put two magazines back, which I’ll have to get later! I’m so used to borrowing from the library or buying used that buying books at full retail was Very Hard.

What is up with everyone out there in blog land these days? I promise to be a better blogger very soon!


  • Judy

    Your park story just kept having twists. Was the BBQ on the courthouse grounds? It reminded me of the Cleveland, TX story where one neighbor killed a whole family because they asked him to stop shooting his gun. The sheriff was a little fishy there too.

    In my blog, I have a picture of a big snake. That’s what’s happening with me.

  • Patrice La Vigne

    I think we’ll have to pick up on outlander again this winter!

    And please don’t rush to fall … I am savoring our 60-degree summer up here! If I can survive 7 months of below 0 temps, you can survive your 100+ degree days!

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