Pineland Hibiscus Blooms in the Garden



Last year I bought pineland hibiscus (Hibiscus aculeatus) seeds from Chill Hill Farms in the Florida Panhandle. Well, my plants are finally big enough to start blooming and I am so delighted!

Pineland hibiscus are relatively rare in Texas, primarily seen only around the Big Thicket in Tyler and Hardin counties. They are a little more common in western Louisiana and then much more common in Florida. Once these go to seed, I’m planning to start quite a bit more and I’m tempted to put one plant out in the main garden to see what the deer do. The deer generally eat any other hibiscus plant I’ve put out there but these are really bristly and so I wonder if that would be distasteful to them or not. I’m willing to risk one to try but will keep the rest behind the fence!

If I have enough seeds I’ll share some here!

What’s growing in your garden on these stifling hot summer days?


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