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The Big Thicket Solo Tract | May 2023

I first heard about the Solo Tract at the Big Thicket from Linda Leinen when she started a blog series called A Year of Going Solo earlier this year. Since seeing her posts, I have dipped into this tract myself twice, the most recent time back in May. It’s very close to the Big Thicket’s Interpretive Center which makes it easy to access if you are short on time but need to get into the Thicket for a few moments. Some highlights from that trip:


Wooly rosemallow, Hibiscus lasiocarpos blooming.

Tall green milkweed, Asclepias hirtella—I was very excited to see this one in bloom!

I love when I come across butterflies, this one a black swallowtail, laying eggs on native host plants. The host plant in question is herbwilliam or mock bishopsweed, Ptilimnium capillaceum, a carrot family relative, of course!

Before we left, I moved a three-toed box turtle, Terrapene carolina ssp. triunguis, off the road.

It was a short trip, really to just show Forest and Chris the tract after we’d stopped in at the Interpretive Center. We’d already hiked earlier that morning at another tract and still had to drive home. I’m hoping in future trips I can get off trail and explore a bit more there!


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