Late Summer Evening Walk

Back in September I took an early evening walk around the neighborhood to scope out a few things I saw blooming. Seeing these photos once again has me seriously ready for spring and summer to come. I spent some time in the garden today (drafting this on Sunday evening) and it was so great to be doing gardening things, and looking at these photos just has me looking forward to warmth again. Soon…soon.


Ascelpias linearis in our garden. Some oleander aphids photobombing as well.

Kuschelina thoracica, a flea beetle.

Zephyranthes carinata in our right-of-way, an introduced species we planted.

Hyptis alata, musky mint, down by the pond shoreline.

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Polioptila caerulea. This was tricky to get as it kept bopping further into the brush but this was the best I could manage!


Brazos Rain-Lily, Zephyranthes chlorosolen, which is what I was really after that evening when I saw them blooming on my way after work.

A new-to-me zizotes milkweed that I found near the rain lilies, Asclepias oenotheroides. The other one I knew nearby was buried under soil and possibly pavement when they re-did the dam and spillway two summers ago.


A posing green anole.

And I’m not really sure where this was taken but it is a bee in what is likely a Senna marilandica in the garden.

I think I’ll plan to take more walks this year as I barely took any last year, which was very different than is typical for me. I missed wandering the neighborhood to see what was going on, though now I know some of the wooded lots I used to love have been cleared and homes are being built on them. *sigh*.

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  • shoreacres

    That red and blue beetle is a knock-out! Come next week, we’re going to be even more ready for spring and summer. I knew the relative warmth was too good to last. If freezing temperatures really do kill mosquitoes, I’ll grin and bear them.

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