Updated August 2019

I’m Misti and I’ve been writing this blog in some format since 2002. Blogging has changed a lot since then and my blog has evolved over time as well. I’ve always written a little bit about everything, so you’ll find writings from my garden, hiking, to posts about my family here.

I write from just outside of Houston, Texas and was born in Texas, but we spent 2002-2010 living in various parts of Florida. Florida still holds my heart in many ways!

Do check out the side-bar of other places I’ve been interviewed for a bit of a different perspective about me!

A few more tidbits you should know:



  • Dr. Martin Nyffeler

    I am an arachnologist from Basel, Switzerland, specializing in feeding ecology of spiders. I would like to discuss with you about your photos depicting a Dolomedes spider devouring a fish. Would you please contact me: martin.nyffeler@unibas.ch
    I do not want your photo. I just want to know more about what you have witnessed. Thanks!
    Regards, Martin

  • Button

    Hey there – I hiked the AT in 2012 and am considering a 2-3 week section of the Florida Trail in Feb/March next year – any sections that you could recommend as being the best and worth using that time to complete?
    Any help would be appreciated!


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