One other thing PA is known for are the copperheads and timber rattlers that hang out in the rocks. We were at a shelter just inside the PA border one morning when Chris had just gotten out of the shelter and onto the wood platform below. I’d just let the air out of my mattress […]


When we got back on the trail we noticed a pink bloom. It took us a second to realize it was a rhododendron blooming…we didn’t think we’d see them blooming. That week back after Ashleigh’s funeral was tough and I had some crying episodes and after we got down off of Dragon’s Tooth someone had […]

Quick Update

Misti’s brother here. She called me late this afternoon and wanted me to let everyone know that they are doing fine. Alive and well. They are in some town right now, but there is no computer access. They have had a rough last couple of days. Heading to Shenandoah National Park this week and are […]