100 Happy Days | Days 92-100

Day 92: Hanging with our friends Meghan and Jesse at Jesse’s parent’s beach house. Day 93: Baking! Pumpkin cupcakes…didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. But there was cream cheese icing and you can’t go wrong with that! Day 94: Formosa lily blooms! Day 95: A really crappy picture but I wanted to […]

100 Happy Days | Days 80-91

Day 80: No photo…There were a lot of no photo days this time around. Day 81: Teddy’s closet is done! Day 82: No photo. Day 83: Small harvest from what was left of the tomatoes. Day 84: The new car just after we signed the papers! Day 85: Black and blue salvia blooming in the […]

100 Happy Days: Days 66-79

Day 66: The candy lilies bloomed! Day 67: Forgot to take a photo. Day 68: Lots of progress on the guest bedroom! Go Chris! Day 69: Forgot to take a photo. Day 70: Hanging with Samson on the stairs, one of his favorite spots in the house. He was already on his downhill turn at […]

100 Happy Days: Days 59-65

Day 59: Spent the evening semi-organizing the baby’s room, discussing blankets and how many to keep out/where to put them. Day 60: Hung some wall art in the baby’s room. Get your own here. Day 61: One of the many treat times with the boys! Day 62: Went to a breastfeeding class at the hospital…learned […]

100 Happy Days: Days 48-58

Day 48: Figs starting to ripen! Day 49: Passiflora lutea Day 50: Samson…such a sweet boy. Day 51: Starting to harvest the figs! Day 52: No photo. Day 53: No photo. Day 54: My birthday present to myself from the clearance rack at REI. So comfortable! Day 55: More figs! Day 56: Me and my […]

100 Happy Days: Days 35-47

Day 35: No photo… Day 36: A little hidden treasure in the baby’s closet. Day 37: A small shower for the baby held by my friend Erika (far right) with two of my friends from college. Good times and great cake! Day 38: The beggar bunny, Samson. Day 39: Harvested the garlic and it actually […]

100 Happy Days: Days 24-34

Day 24: Watching The Big Bang Theory after an evening mowing the yard. Day 25: Mr. Stripey playing a game of ‘You Can’t See Me’ as I was working in the yard that evening. Day 26: I love the light that comes through my front windows this time of year. Day 27: A good tomato […]

100 Happy Days: Days 8-15

Day 8: Pulled all of the lettuce for the season. Day 9: Harvested the first tomato of the season, a Tomande variety. Day 10: Last minute self portrait before I got into bed. We had our Bradley birth class that night and were exhausted when we got home. Day 11: Oops, I forgot to take […]

100 Happy Days: Days 1-7

I started seeing the tag #100HappyDays pop up around the internet a month or two ago and thought it was interesting. The gist is to snap a shot of something that makes you happy for 100 Days. I was watching the photos my cousin Elizabeth posting and remarked that it sounded like a project I […]

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