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    Forest’s Rainbow Afghan

    Saturday evening I finally finished Forest’s rainbow afghan that he requested last fall. His original request was for a rainbow blanket with red and blue on the ends. My original thought was to use the yarn I already had but then thinking about having to switch yarn every couple of rows didn’t sound appealing. Forest and I ended up finding and agreeing on the self striping Lion Brand Mandala Yarn in Gnome, Cupid, and Spirit colorways. And I LOVE IT! Honestly, I want it for myself which means I’m going to borrow it as much as possible! Hah! I started on it sometime last November but royally screwed up the…

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    Amma Granny Square Top — Completed!

    I finished up the top early Sunday morning as Forest and I were chilling in the west end Best Western in Galveston while Chris was out getting some fishing done at San Luis Pass. I’d worked on some of the finishing touches a few days before but only had to finish the sleeves and bottom edging. Yesterday I washed it out in the sink with some special yarn soap I’ve had for years and out came a lot of dirt and dingyness from being stored for eons—this was my grandmother’s yarn. I’d washed out a lot of the yarn in containers when I got them after she moved into the…

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    Sunday Things

    For the first time in two years I’m crocheting again. The last time I crocheted I was attempting to make a cardigan type thing but it ended up going south about halfway through. Someday I’ll frog all of that yarn. After that I lost interest in crochet. But with the change in seasons I’m becoming interested in one of my favorite hobbies once again. This time I dug into my grandmother’s yarn stash and dug out some crochet thread to make the Amma Granny Square Top. I’ve since finished one granny square and almost halfway through the second. After that it should be fairly easy in joining and finishing with…

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    Things I’ve Crocheted Recently

    I’ve been doing some crocheting over the last few months as it is my go-to dark season activity. Plus, right now it seems to be the easiest way to express some creativity instead of spending hours over in my studio. I guess I’ll take what I can get! My most recent completed piece is this wall hanging! It only became a wall hanging in my head about two days ago but before that it was going to be a cowl and then before that, a scarf. I was making it too wide to be a scarf so I switched to a cowl but then thought that I really didn’t need…

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    Movie Night Cocoon Cardi | Finished Crochet Project

    I was in the mood to make something wearable and relatively easy recently, something to stash-bust my yarn. I came across the Movie Night Cocoon Cardi via Ravelry (this link is Craftsy for those not on Ravelry) and it seemed perfect for the vat of acrylic yarn I have on hand. Plus, it was basically a giant granny square and there’s not much easier than that! The project was incredibly easy and I’m already planning on making at least two more for other people and think I could make a second for myself plus a third for myself using thinner yarn or crochet thread for something with more drape or…

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    Icelandic Turtleneck Complete!

    I finished the turtleneck last weekend, well really a day or two before that, but I touched up the sleeves a bit by adding two more rounds. For the most part I’m happy with the results. The blocking definitely made the sweater fit a little bit better but the loose area up at the top still exists to some extent. I’m also likely not going to wear this anytime soon. It fits snugly around the middle and though I’m sucking in some in the photos, I’ve got a bit of a Buddha belly going on right now that I’m trying to work off this spring. I did like the feel…

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    2/3 Done | Icelandic Turtleneck

    I haven’t been working on it straight, but if I can put in a couple of hours a night for a few nights in a row I get a lot done. It also helps when I get to a point that says ‘Repeat round 9 for 8(9,9,10,10) more times’. The parenthesis correspond to the appropriate pattern size one is making. If round 9 was easy then it makes the next 9 rounds easy too. Unfortunately I have 19 more rounds to do and my brief skimming ahead at them makes it appear that they won’t be mindless, I’ll have to count stitches and pay attention, likely because I’ll be adding…

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    On the Hook | Icelandic Turtleneck

    Last week my first Interweave Crochet magazine in awhile came and it ignited my need for crocheting immediately. Chris might tell you I went a little loopy. It really was that my creative energies were instantly channeled and I didn’t want to do anything else but do everything and anything creative right-this-minute. It was lunch time and I had to go back to work. So, I waited until Friday evening and decided I was going to start the Icelandic Turtleneck from the Crochet Me book. I actually started this once before three years ago when I was in Florida. Original attempt. I frogged this and started over. I’d missed counted…

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    A Quick Crochet Project

    I was in my studio before Christmas thinking that I really needed to make something. I pulled out some blue and grey alpaca yarn I had on hand and decided to make a scarf for my brother in law’s girlfriend. I was hoping it would turn out longer but the shorter length ended up being perfect for her to use. It was a nice to feel the yarn through my hands, turning a skein into something usable. I think I’ll be making more projects soon!

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    Almost-Instant Creative Satisfaction

    The awkward mirror self portrait. Followed by the faux day dreaming self portrait. I brought out Big Bertha to work with this yarn. The yarn was a skein of Lang Maxima I received from my mother in law for Christmas. I chose the yarn to work with because I knew it would be fast and get results (creative satisfaction) in the manner I needed. The problem was the thickness. I was going for a cowl initially but there wasn’t enough yarn for that, so I went for skinny scarf instead. After I reworked it a few times, when I realized I wouldn’t have enough for a thicker scarf, I finally…