Creativity Comes in Many Forms

A couple weekends ago we finally broke down and bought new phones and upgraded our cell phone plan to include texting. We could text before but we paid by the text not by an unlimited amount a month. We’d eliminated that when we were jobless in order to save some money. Anyway, our cell phones […]

Yarn Therapy

I toiled over this blanket for so long. Its original incarnation looked nothing like this. In fact it was going to be a simple square, half double crochet alternating between the back and front loops in a striped pattern. Somehow along the way I kept decreasing my rows. The first time I did not get […]

Leo the Model

So I made these two baby hats for some coworkers out of scrap yarn I had in my stash. Always a good thing to find a way to use leftover yarn! Leo obliged me with some modeling… A nice profile view. Not sure about this mom! But really, I’m just a cute baby! Of course […]

Inching Along

Working on the Moss Fern Wrap using’ Stampato Glitter yarn. This yarn was a trick to start with and I skipped the foundation single crochet for a general chain instead. This yarn is very slippery. I also must’ve left most of my hooks in storage when we moved from Florida so I am using […]

Made | 2 Quilts and an Afghan

I recently had a bout of creativity and managed to get three blankets quickly made. The first two are for Connie’s twin girls, Eowyn and Tessa. Before we left for the Florida Trail mom was going through her fabric stash and getting rid of a lot of it, ok most of it, and I pulled […]

Finished Works—Crochet

I started these socks back in September with hopes of finishing them up for fall. That didn’t happen. Well, actually they were done before Christmas but I didn’t sew the toes up. It took another 1,000 miles of hiking for me to get around to that. So, here they are, finished and complete, but gigantic. […]

Whipping things up

One thing on the trail that I really wish I could do was to crochet. Along the way I switched from listening to books on my mp3 to actually carrying books because it was so much nicer to have the pages in hand. I read a fiction book about a yarn store owner, actually this […]

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