• DIY

    Guest Bathroom Makeover | Part II

    This would be the messy phase of this project. There’s dust everywhere and we both can’t wait until this phase is done so white footprints can stop being tracked around the house. It’s coming along but it’s a tedious process for Chris, putting on the mud for the drywall, letting it dry, smoothing it out. Chris thinks at the end of the week he can have it cleaned up and start painting. We’ll see!

  • DIY

    Guest Bathroom Makeover | The Beginning

    A week or so ago Chris randomly tells me that he’s going to tackle doing a mini-makeover on the guest bathroom/Forest’s bathroom. This came after several months of dormancy on projects around here so I wasn’t expecting it. Really, we typically keep projects like this (except last summer and working on the guest room and Forest’s room) for the winter time and leave summer for working outside. I guess it was on his mind so he went for it! It was probably the second worst room in the house when we bought it, the guest bedroom being the worst. Now it is definitely the worst room. Chris had already started…