Toddler Life | Summer 2016

These days, the toddler is much more of a toddler than he has ever been. There’s glimpses of little kid coming through, too. I realized this more the other day when I was looking at photos from February’s trip to Village Creek State Park. He’s a baby in those photos! I know that in six […]

Forest at 18 Months

We’re deeply entrenched in toddlerhood. Except, when I look at Forest, I can easily see him as a little boy already. The baby-baby is long gone. It’s a fast and subtle change. It seems that every few weeks is a new transition, something that will throw us (and him) off for a few days until […]

Life With A Younger Toddler

My brother with Forest over New Year’s weekend. They were being silly and I thought it was funny I caught my brother sticking his tongue out! Life with a 16 month old, versus this time last year, with a four month old, is as you guessed, very different. As insane dealing with a toddler can […]

The Future Gardener

It’s official, we’ve let the toddler loose in the garden! Ok, well, not without some heavy oversight! “No, don’t pull the garlic.” “Mom, how about these radishes?” “Yes, those probably need to be pulled, but just pick the leaves for now.” -Me “Ooh, this dirt-mulch is fun! I wonder what it tastes like?” “These marigolds […]

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