The Weaning Process: Part I

I started this in early November in hopes of chronicling this weaning journey. Here’s the progress so far. Now that I’m 14 months into this breastfeeding journey with Forest I knew that at some point in time there would be a slow process of weaning. When he turned a year old I opted to drop […]

Busy, Busy, Little Bee

Last year’s Halloween was a bit last minute. I scrambled at Target to find a Tigger outfit when most of the other costumes were gone. This year I planned earlier and started looking in September. We ended up settling on a bee costume this year and not long after I thought about having Chris and […]

Party Time!

Growing up we didn’t have a lot of birthday parties. My parents didn’t always have a lot of extraneous money so most birthdays were quiet family affairs. Even so, I’m still not a big party person (hello, introvert) but I knew that I definitely wanted to have a big bash for Forest’s first birthday. Since […]

First Birthday

Alright, strap yourself in! This is going to be one photo heavy post! If one is going to go all out with photos, a first birthday is a great excuse to do so. Chris and I took the day off to spend with Forest for his first birthday. One thing I’ve hated in this last […]

Forest at 1 Year

I can’t even…a year? A YEAR? I’ve gone through 52 weeks of weekly photos, writing weekly and then monthly about this growing child of mine. If the first six months of his life felt eternally long, the last six months have breezed by me. Here’s the final installment of Forest’s first year of life. While […]

Fishin’ | Forest Friday

I haven’t done one of these in a long time but I’m trying to use my dSLR more often. Last night we headed down to the dock before it was time for Forest’s bedtime to watch Chris fish for a few minutes. I wrangled the camera and an almost 1 year old pretty well but […]

Forest at 11 Months

Another month down! Only a month left until his birthday! Food: Forest’s eating took a hit the first week of the month. He was still devouring his food right when we arrived in Port Aransas but he had a mild stomach bug before we all got hit with the bigger stomach bug, and paired with […]

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