Forest at 10 Months

I meant to get this up a week ago but we went on vacation and the house we were at had horrible wifi, so…no post. This last month Forest has changed a lot! So much to write about! I think I’ll go for bullet points and go from there…. Food: Finally, the kid is taking […]

Forest at 9 Months

Y’all. I have the best kid! I know, I know…but really, the best kid! Every day he’s turning more toddler like. It really is hard to think about how little he was even just a few short months ago. Major milestones this month were cutting his top two front teeth, bringing his teeth count to […]

Phalaenopsis Necklace

Chris and I first came across jeweler Dawn Vertrees at the Redland Orchid Show at the Fruit & Spice Park in Florida back in May 2008. Later that June Chris got me a ghost orchid necklace of hers for our anniversary, which I really love! Fast forward to the morning of Forest’s birth and he […]

Dear Forest

Dear Forest, This time last year I was celebrating my semi-first Mother’s Day. It was a little awkward, do you celebrate when you are pregnant? Apparently you do, and your dad got me some flowers and probably some chocolate. I really don’t remember, I had preggo brain and now I have baby brain. It was […]

Forest at 30, 31 & 32 Weeks

What’s up in Forest’s world these days? Forest attended his first wedding last weekend when our coworker got married in a tiny town in south-central Texas. Forest was able to let the bride get down the aisle and an opening word said from the priest before he decided he wanted to be more active than […]

Forest at 27, 28, & 29 Weeks

The biggest thing during these weeks occurred at around 28.5 weeks when Forest cut his first two teeth! His sleep had gone to crap earlier in the week after the previous week doing really awesome with sleep despite getting a stomach bug. Then, bam! Chris checked his teeth Saturday afternoon because he noticed Forest was […]

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