Forest at Two Weeks

Last week on Forest’s one week ‘birthday’, I decided that I needed to take weekly photos of him this year. Let’s hope that as time goes on that I don’t get lazy and forget! Forest had his two week check-up today. He made us look like total rookie parents in the doctor’s office by first […]

A Difference of Two Weeks

On Saturday, August 30th Chris and I went out to Sam Houston National Forest to take photos before Forest arrived. Over this last weekend we wanted to recreate the same scene to include Forest’s arrival so we drove out to the same spot in the forest yesterday afternoon to introduce Forest to the forest! Other […]

Life with a Newborn

It’s been a week now since we’ve had Forest in our life. With the postpartum hormones and my general sentimentality it doesn’t take much for me to break out in tears, especially when I think about how quickly the week passed by. The time at the hospital seemed to creep slowly, but of course by […]

Forest’s Birth Story

Warning: This is a very long post, at more than 6K words. I had to write it all down for my sake. Photos at the end. As I said in my post announcing the birth of Forest, his birth was not anything near what I’d envisioned all of these months. It all probably started with […]

Forest Katahdin

Forest Katahdin, born 9/3/2014 at 12:12 am. He shares a birthday with my paternal grandfather, who unfortunately Forest won’t get to meet since he passed away two years ago. Almost 24 hours ago this little dude arrived into the world! It’s hard to believe it has already been a whole day since he came into […]

38 Weeks | From Pachyderm Feet to Sausage Legs

Like the new baby mobile? We had to say goodbye to my Ford Ranger since you aren’t allowed to drive with a baby in a two-seater truck. Plus, at 12 years old and 154K miles she was definitely in need of some repairs. I think this was taken the day we got the truck back […]

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