Cookie Monster

Last weekend I finally got around to making cookies with Forest. He’s become more and more interested in watching us do stuff in the kitchen and I figured it was about time he got a little more involved. I’ve had him mix batter in bowls before with my help but this was the first time […]

This Boy

This is a fun age. I remember liking the toddler stage when I was around Zoe and Grayson, my niece and nephew, at that age. Every day is a new learning opportunity, where something clicks in his brain and new words sprout out of his mouth and phrases are put together. Sure, there are the […]

Photos in the Beautyberries

Two years ago we started taking photos at a particular spot in Sam Houston National Forest. We were a few weeks later than usual this year but we finally made it out to take photos. I like the progression: Before Forest Two weeks after that first photo Last year’s photo And this year! One thing […]

Forest Turns Two

We chose to take a short vacation to North Padre Island for Forest’s second birthday instead of having a party. While part of me still wished for that party, I’m very glad we opted to go on a vacation and spend some time at the beach because Forest loved it so much! We kept it […]

Whitlock Weekend July 2016

*Prepare for a photo overload!* Last weekend the part of the Whitlock clan, my brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew, came down for a visit. The four of them haven’t been here together since Forest’s birthday last year and my SIL, Zoe, and Grayson haven’t been here since last November. It was time for a visit! […]

Toddler Life | Summer 2016

These days, the toddler is much more of a toddler than he has ever been. There’s glimpses of little kid coming through, too. I realized this more the other day when I was looking at photos from February’s trip to Village Creek State Park. He’s a baby in those photos! I know that in six […]

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