Taking Stock

Yesterday I decided to go through our pantry where the home canned foods are. This little built in unit came with the house and for the most part I like it. The second from top shelf houses all of the pickles, chow-chow, and some relish I made. We have a lot of this still and […]

Fun with Fermentation | Round Two

So, last year I made my first batch of sauerkraut with some Chinese cabbage we grew in our plots at the community garden. This year we didn’t have an of our own cabbage as our vegetable garden at home hasn’t been built yet. Last year I tried to make a second batch of sauerkraut sometime […]


A couple of months ago I was looking through my parent’s second fridge in their garage. I noticed several large ziplocs full of pecans from their yard circa 2010. Yep, time to be used. I think that was also the last time they harvested a good crop. The last few years the squirrels have hoarded […]

Tomato City

Last week I wrote about cucumbers and the insane amount we harvested throughout May. Oh, they still sent May off with a bang, giving us a reusable grocery bag full in the last two days of May. But, let’s talk tomatoes…. I’m beginning to run out of counter space. This isn’t a new thing, I’ve […]

Storing the Onions

If you follow over at Sprout Dispatch you may have seen my post about our onion harvest. For a week the onions sat in some deer feeder platforms in our computer room, fan on, door shut to keep the cats out. The room started reeking about a day into it but finally mellowed (or I […]

In the Kitchen | Key Limes & Cucumbers

Back in March I saw a post on Food in Jars about salt preserved key limes. I bookmarked it and finally the other day I saw key limes for sale at the store. In Florida we had a small key lime tree I grew from seed—even managed to get a few fruits off one year—and […]

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