Gayle’s Garden

After a year without a garden Chris and I now have two. Kinda. Our parents are kindly letting us help them with their garden, but I think they are rather enjoying the free labor. Ok, I suppose it is our due since we are enjoying room and board at each of their homes, but at […]

The Best Bread Ever.

Before we left on the Florida Trail I found this recipe for no knead bread on Alicia Paulson’s blog. I tried it for the first time the other night and wow, it is awesome! Want bread for dinner? Totally possible. Oh, this stuff is so good! Here’s my take on it tonight: Check the bread […]

Candied Apples

My sister in law has been doing creative things with Zoe on Tuesday evenings when my brother is in class. This week’s creative thing happened to be making candied apples. We peeled off each wrapper from the caramels after several of us asked if there wasn’t a block of caramel or something along those lines […]

Blue Cake for Woe (Zoe)

Since we missed Zoe’s birthday by a week and her birthday party, too, Chris and I wanted to do something for her. Yesterday I made the cake. I ended up using a simple white cake recipe and made cream cheese frosting (8oz cream cheese, 1/2 stick butter, 4c powdered sugar for one batch, double for […]

The Hiker Diet

Trail Magic at Katahdin Iron Works Road, 100 Mile Wilderness, Maine Now that we are several days post hike we’ve had to really think about what we are eating. When you aren’t burning 5,000 calories a day it is impossible to continue eating like you were. Or, you could, but you’d balloon up in no […]


Christmas day started off a little bit on the wrong foot. A door was left open or didn’t get closed entirely when Chris left to do an early morning photographic expedition down at Everglades National Park, and three of the cats at Marc and Eliana’s escaped. We only knew about it when one of the […]

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