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    Another fast week! Childless Man Gets a C-Section: a podcast via The Longest Shortest Time. While the title suggests it is all about a man understanding a c-section, really the episode is about c-sections in general. I may have cried while listening. Monica Lewinsky: The Price of Shame: I was in college when the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal was going on and while I had an ear slightly turned to it all, I didn’t pay that much attention. However, I did really find her talk eloquent and very appropriate for today’s internet society. I’ve definitely found that internet shaming has seeped into real life with people finding it easier to lose empathy…

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    Friday Five | 2

    Oof! We went camping last weekend and mid-week I was thinking, man, I never remember it always takes me a week to adjust to my usual schedule and feel back in the swing of things after a bit of time away. And then, of course, late Tuesday I started feeling iffy with a sore throat that turned into feeling like someone had roughed up my throat with a Brillo pad on Wednesday. Wednesday evening I was not feeling like doing anything and debated if this was going to be the flu, strep throat, or tonsillitis. When I woke up yesterday I knew better than to go into work and decided…

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    I’m starting to slip back into sporadic posting again and would love to make a twice a week habit of writing so I don’t get lazy about writing. So, hey, a new weekly themed post, my spin on the popular Five Things Friday! I was not a fan of Shakespeare’s poetry in highschool, I was much more into his plays, but if I had Alan Rickman reciting it to me it might have been much more interesting. Goodbye, Colonel Brandon. Science is a hostage in the Oregon standoff. I’ve been watching all of the science and wildlife folks on social media in regards to the asinine takeover of the Malheur…