A Forced Slow Down

May was a very busy month for us and as I peered out into June and July, all I saw was busy, busy, busy. Don’t worry, it still looks like that, and with an ever growing pile of field work at work for a thin crew of field-bios-who-also-double-as-project-managers-and-other-indoorsy-type-biologist-job-descriptions, things are very chaotic. I was actually […]


Ah, how is that for a cryptic post title? As I was writing recently, I have a lot going on. Merge that with a lot of major anniversaries/markings of time in May and June and well, 2022 is full to the brim! 20 Years Post-College Graduation May 11, 2002 I originally wrote up a post […]

Life Lately | Mid-May 2022

Hello friends! Let’s make this a rambling post, shall we? I feel like summer is over. And by that, I mean, June and July is practically planned out and I can already see August and the start of school. Now, I usually keep a pretty good calendar in my head because I have a visual […]

Spring Break in Florida

*Stretches and yawns*…oh boy, now to get back into the swing of things again—hello! Last week, well, actually a week and a half ago, we headed east down I-10 to Florida’s Forgotten Coast and spent a week on St. George Island. Annoyingly, we changed time zones and lost an hour of time and then lost […]

Knocked Down by a Rando Virus

I am signing out of January by reemerging from some rando upper respiratory virus that Forest brought home last week. Last Monday we were all almost ready to leave the house to go to work and school when Forest decided to cough and sound like a barking seal. We stopped in our tracks, looked at […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, folks! I’m surrounded by gifts and wrapping paper and have turned the last episode (on Netflix) of Call the Midwife on to watch. Chris is cooking bacon and cinnamon rolls and Forest is trying his new and improved Kindle tablet out downstairs. Dusty is giving himself a Christmas morning bath on the back […]

Friday 5 | 11/19/2021

It’s been a bit since I’ve done one of these, so let’s dive into five things I’ve been loving lately! +Lesson 6. Be wary of paramilitaries – via Timothy Snyder’s newsletter – I’ve listened to Mr. Snyder on a few podcast episodes, mostly to talk about his book On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth […]

One More Step Forward

Yesterday, Forest and I got up well before dawn to drive over to Texas Children’s in the Woodlands to get his first Covid-19 vaccination! What a monumental feeling to know we are finally here! I know the 0-4 year old parents are also quite antsy and I hope it is approved for them soon, too. […]

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