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I pulled all of this out of our garden plots today. I could have harvested more but it is much easier and better to go every few days and get what you need. Tomorrow night I’m going to roast the beets and turnips with carrots, then cook up the turnip greens for dinner. The tops to the beets will be saved to be added into my green smoothies.

Some of the Chioggia beets were getting rather large. I am loving the striped pattern on the stalks!

Also, a few of the turnips were rather large and I will probably work my way through the larger ones this week in order for the smaller ones to get a little larger.

Most of the radishes were harvested several months ago but I found a straggler tucked away next to the turnips.

And it all fits nicely in my reusable bag. I’ve been trying to bring them with me lately, especially since I’ve been pulling a lot of cabbage. It becomes difficult to carry it all!

If only it were tomato season right now. We have our seedlings started and a few have come up and if all goes well we might have some tomatoes in late spring.

Are you growing anything right now?


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