Neighborhood Nature | 1

Considering we’ll be staying close to home for the foreseeable future I figured it would be nice to start a new theme here—Neighborhood Nature! I definitely encourage you to join along if you’d like and showcase what you see around your own neighborhood. Yesterday evening we went out for a walk and right off the […]

Exploring Skagway, Alaska

If you are anything like me right now you are probably a bundle of nerves. My friend Eliana posted a photo the other day from some travel around Alaska—they emerged from the YK Delta and saw what was going on and had no urge to return to Florida immediately—so they took a trip to Kodiak. […]

What a March.

Ah, late February, how long ago you were. I casually said in that post that I was wondering how seriously we should be taking Covid-19. It was already on my mind and had been since January. When I flew to Florida there were people with masks on and it didn’t take until I had a […]

A Decade Ago – Our Springer-aversary!

As this date started approaching I wondered how I was going to be able to write anything about it. And I find myself sitting here unable to really figure out what to say. Time flies. I miss the ability to be able to get up and do this sort of thing and yet my brain […]

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