Oakleaf Hydrangea In Bloom




You might remember back when I wrote about getting this hydrangea on Sprout Dispatch. If not click and you can see it in its original place before the garden was put in. Well, the deer visited it shortly after it was planted and then winter came on and no new growth was put on in the meantime. After putting the garden in and with the lengthening days the hydrangea took off and put on a ton of new growth. A flower spike came out in the last week or so and the flower began opening within the last few days. A few nights ago I decided I needed to get a few photos just in case the deer found it again. Up until that point it had evaded the deer, I guess it was too far back in the bed for them to care (which makes no sense because they walk all over the bed). So, photos taken….and then this morning? The deer had munched one of the branches down.

The deer are a constant thorn in my side.

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