Help the Florida Trail

The Florida Trail has had some hardships in recent years, some I touched on in this post, but more recently a large swath of land in the panhandle is for sale and the Florida Trail was kicked off of this land and rerouted through a roadwalk. Unless anyone has several million dollars to faciliate a […]

I Wrote A Book!

Y’all. I have been slogging away on my Florida Trail memoir for 2.5 years. I swore way back when I started it in August 2011 that it’d only take a year and since then I had several ambitious moments when I said “I’m gonna finish it by such and such time” and those times came […]

Gold Dust Sunset | FT 2 Years Ago

At work yesterday Fleetwood Mac came on the radio, Gold Dust Woman, and I was immediately transported back to Ocala National Forest and our short stop at the 88 Store, where we picked up our maildrop, showered, and ate ice cream and drank sodas. Gold Dust Woman didn’t come on the radio but Gypsy did, […]

Florida Trail ‘Summit’ | One Year Ago

Sunrise at Gulf Islands National Seashore, March 3, 2011….18 miles left until we finished. Finished! We walked through Florida! On top of Fort Pickens How was this a year ago? It seems like closer than that. While the Appalachian Trail seems light years away now, I think the Florida Trail seems closer because of our […]

How to Thru-Hike the Florida Trail

*Edit 12/2015: This is one of my most popular posts and it was written in 2011. The trail has had some reroutes during this time. Please check the most recent guidebook released from Florida Hikes and be sure to contact the Florida Trail Association in regards to reroutes and current closures. Thanks and have a […]

Florida Trail Tales 13: Crestview to Navarre

After leaving the more congested area around Crestview we set off on a mostly quiet walk along U.S. 90. Sure there were large semi trucks driving passed but the shoulder was wide enough for us to follow and jump off when needed. The sky went from looking to clear up to getting dark again as […]

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