Help the Florida Trail

The Florida Trail has had some hardships in recent years, some I touched on in this post, but more recently a large swath of land in the panhandle is for sale and the Florida Trail was kicked off of this land and rerouted through a roadwalk. Unless anyone has several million dollars to faciliate a […]

I Wrote A Book!

Y’all. I have been slogging away on my Florida Trail memoir for 2.5 years. I swore way back when I started it in August 2011 that it’d only take a year and since then I had several ambitious moments when I said “I’m gonna finish it by such and such time” and those times came […]

Reconsidering The Florida Trail As A Valuable Long Trail

This post I’ve been ruminating on for oh, probably eight months now a year now (can you tell this has been sitting in my drafts folder for awhile?). It first started out with me a little upset that a hiking blog I followed was lamenting that their hike through a section of remote wilderness ended […]

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