Appalachian Trail 2010

Getting Excited

Despite being sick and tied to the couch watching movies all day long, I am getting excited. We had hoped to go hiking at least once while we were in Dallas this week, but I wanted to lay low until I got better.

Chris ventured out today to the Heard Museum a stomping ground of his youth (I’ve been once, way back when we were dating in high school or college) to take some photos. He ended up spotting some trout lilies, flowers we had planned on trying to find while hiking around the DFW metroplex while we were here. We will try to go back next week so I can see them in bloom.

I am constantly checking and for updates on the trail, seeing what new snow fall has occurred and if there are new blow downs and trail issues. A lot of people have started this week and it is getting exciting to read everyone’s stories. Only a week and a half and we will be out there, walking to Maine.

There are many things I am trying not to think about, only picturing the end and being on Katahdin. I’m skipping the rain, snow, cold, tired, pain moments—all of which I know will occur. The common mantra that is said is “No Pain, No Rain, No Maine”.

Oh, here you go, a photo of someone who went through it and made to Maine–in the rain of course. That’s the one conundrum, getting a clear, picturesque photo on top of Katahdin and not a dreary, rainy one. I’ve seen mostly rainy ones.

I’ve decided to re-read a few of my favorite journals I read over the past year to see what they did at the beginning.

I’m off to douse myself with some green juices and more medicine. My nose seems to be slowing down a bit, just wishing I could hear out of my ears soon.


  • Chris

    I’ve never tried it, but have you thought about trying one of those neti pots? I know a couple people who’ve used them and rave about them. I’m too afraid to try it myself…

    I’m worried about the snow…what kind of jackets are you bringing?

  • Heather

    I have a question about Larabars that I haven’t been able to find an answer to anywhere else–if some of them are made with “unprocessed” cashews, how is that safe? Raw (unsteamed) cashews are poisonous. Wouldn’t “unprocessed” be the same as raw?

  • Heather

    Wow, thanks, Misti! Just what I’d been trying to find. 🙂 Now I have a better sense of what “raw” means when it comes to cashews.

    I read a bit more on the Larabar site, and although I could have sworn my last bar said it was “raw,” they’ve apparently changed their packaging and removed “raw” because there’s no universal definition of this (this is what they said). So maybe they’re using the processed cashews now.

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