Trout Lilies at Tandy Hills

When we came back to town I asked my brother and dad where some good places to hike were and one place they mentioned was Tandy Hills. This park is very close to where my parents grew up in E. Ft. Worth and where my grandad still lives and I had no idea this park even existed. It is tucked away in the Meadowbrook subdivision, which is a nicer, historic part of the area (go a few blocks and it might not be so great of an area) and once you get in to the park you don’t realize you are surrounded by the city. Well, except from some trash that you come across.

I went to their website to scout the park out and found out they had trout lilies and the nodding ladies tresses orchid. Very cool! So, yesterday we went off to find the trout lilies since Chris hadn’t gotten to see them fully open. After doing some research the ones we found appear to be Erythronium albidum.

Trout Lily

tl 5
There were hundreds of them in the area we found them in.

tl 3

tl 4

tl 2

Rare prairie in the middle of east ft. worth
This is what the park area looks like…

Ft. Worth from Tandy Hills
and then to the west is downtown Fort Worth.

red berries
Not sure what these red berries are, but they were very pretty.

We went to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden on Thursday…those photos are to come.

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4 thoughts on “Trout Lilies at Tandy Hills

  1. Moosie says:

    I want some of those. Pretty.

  2. Shawn Fraker says:

    I love your take on this, could not agree more.

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  4. Leon Zeis says:

    excellent post, really enjoying your writing style

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