Nature in the City

Nature in the City: Maxwell Creek Linear Park

Getting a little nature while in the city is important. Sometimes it is hard to get farther out, into the woods and surrounded by quiet. So, after work you head out to the closest green space possible. Right near where Chris’ mom and step-dad live is a bike path and Maxwell Creek Linear Park. If you go off trail and down to the creek you can find some beautiful little things. Oh, watch for the gigantic poison ivy!

golden leaf
The signs of Fall are slowly showing up.

Osage Orange
If the light was better I would have tried to get a reverse macro on this Osage orange, Maclura pomifera.

water pattern
Textures in the running water should entice you to slow down and poke around a bit.

If you can try to ignore the random water bottle or piece of trash brought downstream by a flooded creek or perhaps the uncouth neighborhood kids, you can find signs of old settlements and people who used to use the area as their own personal dumping ground. I found a rusted fridge but the photos were a bomb.

Perhaps you’ll find a wild mammal in the creek…

Or something from the Lepidoptera family. I’m thinking this is a black swallowtail.

And though a traditional sunset might be marred by the gigantic football field to the west of the park, thinking outside of the box might get a very enjoyable shot.

Take a walk along the beautiful bike trails or go off trail and walk along the creek. Bring some rugged shoes and ambition to explore and who knows what you will find!

*Stay tuned for more Nature in the City posts as I poke around local parks in the DFW area and in whatever city we settle in*

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