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One thing on the trail that I really wish I could do was to crochet. Along the way I switched from listening to books on my mp3 to actually carrying books because it was so much nicer to have the pages in hand. I read a fiction book about a yarn store owner, actually this was part of a series, and it had me itching to have a hook and yarn in my hand. When we were in Salem I spotted a yarn store and had to go in and touch some yarn. I skipped buying yarn but ended up buying an Interweave Crochet from last fall because of the cool projects. One were some fingerless mitts. Oohhhh, I’ve been wanting some of those!

When I got home I forgot I had bought some cotton yarn to make Ashleigh back before we left, but I never got around to it. I was such a bad auntie. And since Ashleigh didn’t get to wear a hat I made her I decided to use the yarn and make a hat for myself and call it the Ashleigh hat. I wore it around town on Wednesday and didn’t feel the least weird wearing a heavier hat in the summer! I just made up the pattern with random stitches. I like doing that.

The Ashleigh hat and fingerless gloves
Here are both projects! The gloves, well, I intended to follow the pattern of using a spike stitch, but somehow the stitch ended up being more of ribbing and I liked it so I kept up with that instead of the spike. I looooove them, despite the odd looks Chris gives me for them!

fingerless gloves
Since I know the basic way to make these now I will be making my own patterns up. Ooh yeah! Next on my crochet agenda are to wrap up some nasty, tangled yarn and then start some crochet socks! I bought a fall colored pathway yarn at Hobby Lobby the other day and am excited to try them out. I’m still looking for knit Halloween colored socks, aka: candy corn colored. I’m looking at you Eliana. 😉

In other news my Grandad fell two days ago and broke his hip pretty badly, enough for him to have hip replacement surgery this morning. He came out with flying colors despite some initial worries about his heart since his attack last May. Hopefully he can get the rehab done and get back into his assisted living that he was liking so much. Keep him in your thoughts!

Tonight we’re having a wine and cheese party and I am wishing I had some of my cyber friends and many of my real life friends coming, those that are near and those that are far, but it will be fun to see everyone who is getting to come.

Been perusing this awesome blog…you should to.


  • Stacey

    Fun to see you expressing your creative side! I just love crafts of all kinds! I haven’t pulled out my crochet stuff since we have gotten back, maybe when the weather cools down a little more and I am sitting in front of a wood fire again.

    Keep being creative and making beautiful things!

  • Heather

    Thanks for the great blog lead.

    Mmm, candy-corn colored stuff–sounds fun! We’re finally getting some fall weather up north, and I’m loving it. 🙂

  • chelle

    i have tons of yarn i need you to do something with! i can’t do things with it lol so it is ALL yours!!!!!

    do you just slip the gloves down when fingers are coldish and slide them back when you need your fingers/when they aren’t coldish? if so i uber <3 them and want a million of my own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    boo on chris for not liking them – he is weird 😛

    funny you are on a yarn kick. i took a pic i need to post and tag you. kai has been dragging her aunt missy afghan around and was watching tv while covered with it….quite beautiful and i don't know if you've seen a photo of that one in use 🙂 it gets plenty and washes well!


  • Jessica

    I’ve been pondering for the longest time of taking up knitting or crocheting (don’t know the difference!) and your post just may have convinced me to stop pondering and head to Michaels. Hope your Grandad gets better soon; physiotherapy will have him dancing soon enough. 🙂

    I wish I could have joined your wine and cheese party. 🙁 Next trip? Southern USA.

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