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The Power of Now

While out hiking there is only one thing you have to do. Walk. Ok, so you set up camp, eat and use the privy, but your only goal for the day is to walk to your intended destination. It’s easy and your mind is in general ease. There isn’t a bunch of clutter in your brain, or maybe there is, but it isn’t pressing and can’t bother you too much.

And then somehow you come back into the real world and you are bombarded with so many options. You can do this or that or both and then throw in something else and it is easy to get overwhelmed. I don’t even have a job or a ‘life’ yet and I’m already overwhelmed by living ahead of myself. Somehow I’ve already put myself months from now, not even a week, and have saddled myself with bags too heavy to carry.

Yesterday we drove over 600 miles for a job interview. On the way down and on the way back I thought about our goals, mine and ours as couple, and realized that I really have to stop jumping into the future. Stop worrying about how I’m going to handle everything I want to do and get it all done. Because, it won’t all get done.

Some of my ideas of living in the now are going to be turning off the electronics. Yes, Chris is going to be thinking that I am not going to be able to do this, but I will. We already don’t watch much television and I prefer to watch movies while crocheting or working on photos, but in general we aren’t mindlessly watching it. The internet however has to be limited on the days and nights that I want to accomplish something. I know I’m not the only one out there who aimlessly surfs, looking at creative sites or reading Facebook updates. I’ve already started downscaling my blog reader. Gone are the blogs that have somehow become too commercial or too focused on an aspect of creativity that I’m not into anymore. Really, don’t need to read about a zillion giveaways; that’s one of the most disappointing aspects of a few very talented blogs.

I’m going to focus on finishing one or two projects before thinking further about other ideas. I can queue a bazillion projects on Ravelry but I know I will only make a few. I am going to develop my own style further in photography. Find that niche that I love and get really good at it. I am going to hone my pencil and pastel skills and ditch the other mediums unless I feel a play day coming on. And scrapbooking—I am thinking of selling or donating most of my stash! Hello easy photo books!

And so now I am thinking about “Now”. I can’t place myself in an imaginary place that doesn’t exist yet or a job that I don’t have. Why not take action and get focused on what I can do now? I went back to the four goals and putting them in now. Tomorrow and next year I will look back and wonder why I didn’t do anything.

Slightly related, instead of saying ‘oh next time’ I decided to jump in and buy some organic and cruelty free makeup. I already bought Alba and Avalon face lotion because I found it at Bed Bath and Beyond and with their coupons it made it a bit cheaper, but I wasn’t sure what kind of makeup to get. I did find Physicians Formula organic makeup and I think I am going to go with that for now. I was about to buy another brand but saw it was made in China and decided to pass on that. Time to be responsible and take action for what I actually believe in.

On the agenda in the next few days: work on the rest of the Trail Tales stories, get ready for camping over Labor Day and for our road trip and send out more resumes!

Here’s to NOW!


  • Chris Evans

    I feel that way everytime we come back from North Carolina. I really felt that way when we got back from our month & half trip around the country living out of our truck. We were very limited on what we used. When we got home it was a different story. So much and all we needed was a little.

    Great Idea!

  • Meg

    Great post! It’s so hard to live in the now but so worth it when I can do it! Also where are y’all going camping? We will be at Fort Richardson State Park- Jeff is excited about all the bike trails they boast to have!

  • Bern

    Walking certainly allows one to relax the body, relax the mind, and regain the essence of one’s senses in the world. Old feelings are processed freeing up the mind….. allowing one to return to the Heart of the Moment.

    Happy Trails in all you do and become.

  • Stacey

    Here is to Now! Congratulations on taking the time to bring your focus in. This is an exercise that is incredibly powerful. Taking a moment to reflect on your life and figure out what things are not longer serving you. It is wonderful to explore the world in many ways, but sometimes we have to take into account the things that we have explored and at the moment at least dont hold as much interest for us any longer. It frees up space in our mind, body and soul to take on new energy, or to expand on other energy. I think its wonderful that you have found the things you want to focus your energy on for Now!

  • Brenda

    Hi Misty!

    I loved your post. So true. I try to keep it simple sometimes, but its easy to forget and just go back to fast-paced mode. Do love yoga so much, it helps me a little in clearing my mind. I get overwhelmed as it is, so many choices out there, for about everything… its crazy.
    I have a good website where you can find out how safe and “green” is your cosmetic: ready? its part of the environmental working group, I hope you find it useful.

    anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts and beautiful pictures.

  • Patrice

    Great post Misti! I strive to do what you are doing … live in the now. It’s hard though. And I would love to scale down my use of electronics … that’s even harder.

    Hope the 600-mile drive turns into a job offer!!! Good luck!

  • chelle

    so wise! i think i should look around and follow in those metaphorical footsteps. 🙂 i would like to recommend as you ARE jobless 🙂 to sell the scrapbook supplies on etsy. supplies are also sold there and i’m sure you took loving care of them and will make someone else very happy. no reason to donate when you are in need of the money until you find a job. i have some friends that might be interested and i’m sure would be willing to pay for the supplies. i will let them know what you’ve got and they can pay me and i will pay you if that is how they would like to go about it or they can do etsy straight. but please sell them, they are of value. 🙂 it will be worth it.

    as for the internet surfing i know what you mean. it is so easy to get lost in other’s blogs. it provides so much inspiration for me here. since i don’t get out much but at the same time…perhaps i should jot down my projects and then once a week devote a few hours TO mindless blog surfing with my list of projects i wrote down from that week. so i will not feel like i am missing out on that one great idea or something… hmm…i love brainstorming 🙂 and you get you and me on a rug on a balcony together and we are dangerous! lol

    i miss you and need to bookmark this blog in particular for those moments when i feel like there isn’t enough seconds in a day…

    i understand you are busy and getting pulled in all directions. whenever you mosey this way we will be here and look forward to seeing you. you don’t have to plan ahead or even call. just drive on in. 🙂 you are always welcome and heck, i will even give you guys a key! *hugs*

  • Jessica

    Loved this post. I really want to tone down on the electronics, but boy is it hard. Good luck to you, I’m trying to follow your wisdom. 😉

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