Angel Ashleigh

Ashleigh Ryon

After writing that Ashleigh was doing so good, I am heartbroken to write that she has passed away. I don’t know if it was fate, luck or divine intervention, but we were hiking yesterday morning on a ridge and Chris has left his phone on by accident after calling his mom that morning and the phone rang. The phone doesn’t just ring out there for us. People know we are hiking. I knew something was up. It was my mom calling with the news. Once we realized we had a road in 7 miles and didn’t have to back track we kept on going while trying to make arrangements to get off the trail with my dad. We got to the road and realized it could be very difficult to get out, but the kindness of a stranger stopped and drove us to Pearisburg so our phone would work, we got a shuttle and made it to the airport and finally to DFW at nearly midnight last night.

We will be taking several days off and going back to the trail sometime next week.

It just seems so stupid. She was here and now she’s not. She was doing good, looking to come home.

Anyway. Please think of our family, especially my brother and sister in law and Zoe.


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