Flood Number One Billion and Five

(Ahh, sweet rain! What a relief—right???) One would think that after a month or so of no rain that a few hours of rain would be a needed respite. And it was when it all started. At this point in the nearly six years (at the end of June) that we’ve been here the number […]

Feral Bees Found Our Hive

A little over a week ago Forest and I were out on the front porch to send off Chris as he left for field work. It was right after dinner, nearing 6pm and the sun comes over the driveway rather harshly at that time during this season. In the glow of that hour, we noticed […]

Spring Monarch Season

When we finally got the flower garden beds designed and planted five years ago we added in a plant or two of tropical milkweed in hopes of attracting monarch butterflies and caterpillars. For some reason those plants would last the year and then fade out—I’m not really sure what happened because our weather and situation […]

April Days in the Edible Garden

Nearly mid-May and I’m finally here to write-up what happened around the garden and yard in April. Oh boy. I think it’s time to return to taking photos in small batches and processing them accordingly. There was a time when I was really good at that but these days I take photos and the camera […]

Life Lately | April 2018

+In My Head Stopping to just look at the garden, to see where the light falls. Enjoying the funny and interesting things that Forest says. The ERA is Back: That would be really damn awesome! There have been other people writing about this thought I’m about to say—-as much as I’m still bitter we didn’t […]

Along Onion Creek

Onion Creek is a significant waterway coursing through southeast Austin and is prone to flooding issues. Some of the results of those flooding issues were seen along the sides of the creek with piles of debris and trash towering far over our heads. The area along the creek within McKinney Falls State Park is somewhat […]

Pipevine Swallowtail Caterpillars | (Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

Over Easter weekend we went camping at McKinney Falls State Park just outside of Austin. As we were hiking along one of the trails headed back to our campsite we came across several pipevine swallowtail caterpillars walking in the grass and crossing the bike path. We searched and searched for pipevine but didn’t see any […]

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