Pedernales River Explorations Part II

Palafoxia callosa Cooperia drummondii Pluchea white mist flower—not sure, one of these three–> Ageratum, Conoclinium, Eupatorium I couldn’t find a white version in my Texas wildflowers book(s). Senna lindheimeriana While Chris fishes along the Pedernales, I usually take time to poke around the fringes of the rocks to see what plants or invertebrate wildlife may […]

Along Onion Creek

Onion Creek is a significant waterway coursing through southeast Austin and is prone to flooding issues. Some of the results of those flooding issues were seen along the sides of the creek with piles of debris and trash towering far over our heads. The area along the creek within McKinney Falls State Park is somewhat […]

Thanksgiving at Lake Brownwood State Park

It’s a full month later and I’m finally settling down to write about our camping trip to Lake Brownwood State Park. We were supposed to go to Mission Tejas State Park but Chris received an email a couple of weeks prior to the date that the park did not have electricity—including the bathrooms. Now, you […]

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