Friday 5 | 11/19/2021

It’s been a bit since I’ve done one of these, so let’s dive into five things I’ve been loving lately! +Lesson 6. Be wary of paramilitaries – via Timothy Snyder’s newsletter – I’ve listened to Mr. Snyder on a few podcast episodes, mostly to talk about his book On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth […]

One More Step Forward

Yesterday, Forest and I got up well before dawn to drive over to Texas Children’s in the Woodlands to get his first Covid-19 vaccination! What a monumental feeling to know we are finally here! I know the 0-4 year old parents are also quite antsy and I hope it is approved for them soon, too. […]

October 2021 Rewind

October felt long, didn’t it? Maybe it was just me, but the month was hectic and slow at the same time. Some weeks it felt as if we were go-go-go and other weeks crawled. Halloween has come and gone and Forest was a Minecraft player—seen here without his sword and hat! This was a last […]

Right On Time

I’ve enjoyed Brandi Carlile’s music over the last decade, mostly some of her hits, but have never fallen into die-hard fandom. However, I watched this most recent performance on SNL over the weekend and I think I am now a die-hard fan! And if you need a playlist for Fall, I’ve got one!

Sunday Evening at 8:33pm

+Minecraft—on Forest’s mind continuously. +The Garden Beds—three installed so far! Back aching work and I’ll be glad when they are done. +Constantly thinking about native plants and propagating seeds to expand the native plant palate in the yard. +Feeling the tug to read fiction again after a very heavy year of non-fiction. +Wanting to write […]

September 2021 Rewind

We kicked off September with Forest’s birthday. He’s at such a fun age right now where his imagination is running wild and he’s still in a silly little kid phase. I love it! Earlier in the month I found two Passiflora incarnata fruit around the corner from the house. I sowed seeds of one of […]

August 2021 Rewind

The first of August and the end of August seem like entirely different years. I came home from my weekend away from friends and peered out the window in the stairwell and thought the garden was looking lovely. That tropical cactus makes me so happy when I see it and it is growing like crazy […]

July 2021 Rewind

It’s feels like the first of July was in one year and the end of it was in another. What a long month it was! Apparently at the first of the month I was hanging out with a toad friend from the yard. Thank goodness for photos because I had completely forgotten about this happening! […]

Another Trip Around the Sun

The last five weeks have been a whirlwind of go-go-go! We have been making up for our lack of going in 2020. We spent two weekends up in DFW, then Chris and I went to San Antonio solo, and then we picked Forest up from my parents who met us in Waco and then the […]

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