Late October at the Garden Plot

I’ll start off with a major symbol of autumn and Halloween, the pumpkin. This one is the ripest of the bunch, there are a few more that are still green. I wonder when you really know to pick them? Squash are producing prolifically. Chris had hand pollinated a lot of the zucchini so I have […]


Cotyledon noun Botany . 1. the primary or rudimentary leaf of the embryo of seed plants. It’s always amazing that these first leaves keep on dividing and turn into plants that give us wonderful food. Some of these seedlings are radishes, lettuce, kale, and beets. Getting down on the ground to inspect the tiny starts […]

More Harvest

Cucumbers are coming in by the handful every other day or so. I’m in love with them. They have probably upped themselves in ranking as favorite thing to grow to #2 on my list. Tomatoes are still first. The golden zucchini are showing some weird genetic patterns. We’ve got a bunch of green aphids on […]

A Quiet Corner

‘Kohleria Bristols Possibly Bronze’ ‘Alsobia dianthiflora’ ‘Rob’s Boolaroo’ ‘Chirita Silver Surfer’ We had this bookcase from my mom which her dad had built. It’d been sitting in the garage holding other things and mom said we could take it for extra shelving. It now holds what books we have and Chris’ little collection of violets […]

Harvest #1

The garden is coming into full swing. Soon we will be harvesting daily or at least every other day and putting food away for the winter. I’m very excited about this! The golden zucchini was half this size on Saturday evening. We had about 20 minutes to run by our plot and water and check […]

Early September in the Garden

Chris spends most mornings at the plot watering and doing random chores. Right now we’re waiting on compost before starting more seeds in other beds. Here’s a snapshot of what’s going on: Watermelon’s from a school’s plot. We took one of them but it was not quite ripe and very seedy. Chris hand pollinated a […]

Helping Hands Community Garden

Chris didn’t waste time finding the community garden where we could get some plots. The garden itself is different than the one my mom and brother have at the Common Grounds garden, a bit differently run and definitely less activity from individuals. In fact, we were able to score two plots for ourselves and then […]

The Fall Crops

Our new place doesn’t really offer us any place to grow anything, though our landlord, who lives next door, offered to till up some space for us. Since we are only hoping to stay six months before finding a place to buy we didn’t want to mess up his yard for that short period of […]

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