The Turnip Harvest

We pulled all of the Golden Ball Turnips last weekend in an effort to make room for a spring crop of cucumbers. Some of the turnips were gigantic, including some that I had thinned and transplanted in a spot that we’d just harvested radishes several months ago. We took the turnips home and made two […]

Macro Magic

One of our Christmas presents to each other with Christmas money we received from family was this beauty a 65mm macro lens. I had yet to play with it so I took it out in the backyard one day at lunch and shot some seedlings, garlic, and dill. It is pretty freakin’ amazing! I love […]

Winter Warmth

January has been unseasonably warm and I have nothing bad to say about that. Flip flops in January? Yes! The warmth has tinges of Florida in it and it makes me happy. December and part of November were so dark, dreary and rainy that it was really depressing for me. January has turned beautiful, with […]

The Garden Store

I pulled all of this out of our garden plots today. I could have harvested more but it is much easier and better to go every few days and get what you need. Tomorrow night I’m going to roast the beets and turnips with carrots, then cook up the turnip greens for dinner. The tops […]

The Great Carrot Harvest of 2012

Chris calls me in the middle of work today to tell me he’s picked a bunch of carrots. I’m expecting, you know, a smallish bundle that you might get at the store…not a counter full! He sent me the link to the photos he’d uploaded to Facebook and I exclaimed “Holy Crap” and luckily everyone […]

Mini Harvest | Carrots

We planted the carrot seeds on October 3rd and they are just beginning to come into harvest time. We picked a few of the larger ones to determine if the rest were ready but from the looks of it I think we need to wait another week or two for them to fatten up. Any […]

The November Garden

Some plants are waning in the garden while others are waxing. The cucumbers, zucchini and corn are done. I pulled the cukes a week ago and got the zucchini a few days ago. The corn is still drying and will be ready to pick for seed soon. The rest…well, you will have to take a […]

Garlic & Dill

+More garlic are emerging and starting to grow taller. The dill on the other hand appears to be static. Grow already! +Our 100mm macro lens was returned to us from Canon earlier this week. It had been sick and needed a part replaced. Now it is working magically! +Enjoy your weekend!

French Breakfast

You thought I was going to write about espresso and a croissant while sitting on a quiet Paris street? I wish! But, I’ll take these sweet little French Breakfast radishes anyway. Chris bought these seeds for my birthday and we planted them in the ground on October 3rd. They are now ready to be harvested […]

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