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  • germanjohnson1



    My kitchen does not have good food photography lighting so I apologise for the dark tomato shots there. I finally carved into the German Johnson tomato, the only tomato off of that plant so far, that had been sitting in my fridge for several days. It was high time, too. I only ate the two slices but I think I’ll polish the rest off at dinner, only after I save some seeds. It is definitely one of the larger tomatoes I’ve grown so I think I’d like to try again with this variety next year, though if it is a poor producer once again it is being struck off my list of tomatoes to grow.

    What’s aggravating mostly is that we bought this plant (and one other) as a fairly tall transplant while all of the other tomatoes we’ve grown have been from seed and some of those have produced many more tomatoes than this one did. This is despite us planting them in the ground later than we intended. Texas summers are not conducive to tomato growing due to our nighttime temps staying above 70* which is too high for tomatoes to set fruit. But, with the cool front we received this weekend I was kind of hoping, probably wrongly, that perhaps with the lows we had in the 60s overnight for a few nights that I might get a second round of tomatoes.

    Many people try to over summer their tomatoes here, getting through August and even September in order to get a Fall crop of tomatoes. I’m thinking of trying this, but it’ll depend on how July goes along with rain. Most likely I will start some more seeds in late July to transplant a few plants for Fall. We’ll see. I really miss growing tomatoes in south Florida, it really was awesome to be rolling in them from December to mid-April.

    Are you growing tomatoes? What kind and how are they doing?

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    1. Chelle says:

      We have a mystery variety from my SIL that is doing really really well. They are super tiny tomatoes though. We also have a Cherry that is doing crazy good and a Celebrity that has been producing really well for us but isn’t anymore – we have gotten 4 from it and there are 3 more I’m waiting to ripen before I take it out. We are going to put another plant in for the fall – I was hoping to put it in this weekend but didn’t know it still had fruit hiding in there until yesterday. JP has been taking care of them for me.
      Miss you!

    2. Elizabeth says:

      It looks good! How was the taste?

      I’ve got Black Cherry, Black Krim, Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, German Johnson, Pink Oxheart, Boxcar Willie, and Arkansas Traveler. Only remembered to label a few of them though and I’ve forgotten which ones I planted where. Oh well. I’ve gotten one Black Krim and I’m waiting on the others. Fruit is starting to appear!

    3. chel says:

      We have plum tomatoes (the only ones Tom really likes- I don’t like them at all, but then again, I’ve never had a super fresh one) and the vines are still going strong but they aren’t putting out many tomatoes right now. I’m hoping maybe I can baby them into fall so we’ll get a head start on next years crop!

    4. Francine says:

      We just moved into a house in April so I’m a first-time gardener. I have tomatoes and cucumbers going with my fingers crossed (I’m so new at this). No fruit yet but the plants are growing at least. I had basil too but it died 🙁 whomp whooooomp

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