Stronger Together

This was an unplanned post. This was me yesterday at lunch. I voted in the morning, wore a white shirt in solidarity because I don’t have a pantsuit that I can fit into, and happily cast my ballot for Hillary Clinton. Tears welled up in my eyes when I was getting dressed; it was going […]


The seasonal transition is starting, the inching towards fall and all of the wonderful parts that come with it; pumpkin everything, the wonderful autumn light, cooler weather, a new gardening season. I was thinking back to myself two years ago, with a fresh baby. There I was sitting at home spending most of the time […]

Sunday Reads and Listens

Happy Sunday y’all! Mid September already? I put out my fall decor over the weekend. It’s not much, mostly ceramic pumpkins I’ve picked up over the years but I got a few other fall pieces at Hobby Lobby last month that included an owl and some fabric pumpkins. I’m holding off on the Halloween items […]

Life Lately | Late August 2016

+In My Head Another summer is over. I know there’s three weeks or so until the equinox and more weeks after that in which it will still be hot here in Texas, but the sterotypical ‘summer’ is winding down. Forest’s birthday is next weekend and the little baby will be two! TWO! He’s becoming such […]

Life Lately | Late July 2016

Today’s photo is brought to you by the Turner River in Big Cypress National Preserve and Everglades National Park, circa 2008. +In My Head Let’s go with some random bulleted thoughts…. I think the story of my life is being emotionally connected to time passing. Speaking of time, I have a post to write that […]

Sunday Reads & Listens

Happy Sunday! Reads: ‘Monarch Promise’ variegated milkweed. I need this! Baltimore Jack’s obituary from the Applachian Trail Conservancy. No more war in the garden from You Grow Girl. The Quiet Extinction: Stories of North America’s Rare and Threatened Plants a book about the loss of plant species on this continent. While some plants may have […]

Birthday Musings

Hello, 36. My birthday was on Monday. I turned 36. I’m officially heading straight for 40 and that seems really strange. I took the day off because I learned years ago that working on your birthday just isn’t all that fun. If I’ve got the days available, why not take the day off? Last year’s […]

On Podcasting

When I started The Garden Path Podcast late last year I knew that it would be hard work but that I would enjoy it. Podcasting takes oogles more time than writing a blog, at least for me. I thought I’d break down some thoughts here about these first six months. Overall Goals It was originally […]

These Days in the Vegetable Garden

Today we’re wrapping up 11 days of Forest and I flying solo around here. Chris has been in northeast Texas doing field work. I’m trying to determine, I think it might be the longest stretch of time he’s been away since Forest has been here. When I found out a few months ago that Chris […]

Flood Video

I put together a short video of the second flood last week. For some reason I didn’t take a video of the front yard with the good camera, just my phone apparently, but I put some photos of the front yard in there at the end. Chris and I walked the neighborhood yesterday morning. Pretty […]

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