Currently | Late September

From September 2009 In My Head I’m thinking about how fast we’ve sped through September already! I am also thinking about how glad I am for the Autumn Equinox. I’m finding that so many people have latched onto loving Fall in the last few years. There’s just something about the light and the colors that […]

Planting Cypress Trees

Chris has been working on the shoreline of the pond in front of our house lately. Elephant ears have taken over the shoreline in many areas of the pond, particularly where people aren’t maintaining the shoreline as much. We tend to keep our shoreline wilder than many others but that has meant letting the elephant […]

Honey Harvest

This year the bees have been doing very well. Last year we had the freak freeze/ice storm in early March just as we were leaving for Florida. We had left the hive unprotected and thus at least half of the bees perished. It was touch and go for awhile and then we ended up with […]

Party Time!

Growing up we didn’t have a lot of birthday parties. My parents didn’t always have a lot of extraneous money so most birthdays were quiet family affairs. Even so, I’m still not a big party person (hello, introvert) but I knew that I definitely wanted to have a big bash for Forest’s first birthday. Since […]

Help the Florida Trail

The Florida Trail has had some hardships in recent years, some I touched on in this post, but more recently a large swath of land in the panhandle is for sale and the Florida Trail was kicked off of this land and rerouted through a roadwalk. Unless anyone has several million dollars to faciliate a […]

First Birthday

Alright, strap yourself in! This is going to be one photo heavy post! If one is going to go all out with photos, a first birthday is a great excuse to do so. Chris and I took the day off to spend with Forest for his first birthday. One thing I’ve hated in this last […]

Forest at 1 Year

I can’t even…a year? A YEAR? I’ve gone through 52 weeks of weekly photos, writing weekly and then monthly about this growing child of mine. If the first six months of his life felt eternally long, the last six months have breezed by me. Here’s the final installment of Forest’s first year of life. While […]

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