New England

Yesterday we finally made it to New England, but my southern mind already thought I was there the minute we crossed the Mason/Dixon line and into PA. Apparently no one else thinks that PA, NJ and NY are in New England…oh well. We are officially in Connecticut and in a few short days, Massachusetts. I […]


Misti called me this evening. They are spending the night in a hostel on the Pennsylvania/New Jersey border at Delaware Water Gap. They spent their wedding anniversary on the trail yesterday. Today they were able to celebrate it with a short 13 mile day and a steak dinner. They’ll be resupplying soon in Unionville.


One other thing PA is known for are the copperheads and timber rattlers that hang out in the rocks. We were at a shelter just inside the PA border one morning when Chris had just gotten out of the shelter and onto the wood platform below. I’d just let the air out of my mattress […]

Thoughts on Half Way

We officially passed halfway on Saturday morning. It was exciting to see the sign and we let out some whoops and yells. Pretty much everyone you talk to feels like we’ve already done way more, but of course you look at the map and there is a long way still to go. But, we’re doing […]