At Play: Scenes from a Backyard

What can I say, my niece is a little ham! She loves, loves, loves playing outside but the heat here in Texas is unbearable during the day. A quick jaunt in the mornings or evenings in the backyard has to suffice. She’s almost three and has boundless energy! Most of the time she’s great for […]

A Tandy Hills Evening

A few weeks ago we went for an evening walk at Tandy Hills to scope out some Passiflora lutea that had been mislabeled as Clematis pitcheri in a TH newsletter. I got the general locale for the vine so I could verify in person and sure enough we found the plants and many, many more! […]

Texas Wildflowers | Asclepias tuberosa

This widespread milkweed species is a larval host to monarch butterflies in addition to queen’s and the gray hairstreak. It has has the similar long seed pod with silky hairs that other milkweeds use to propagate. Preferring full sun to light shade, once established these plants can handle mesic to xeric conditions comfortably. These species […]

Artist at Work

I did this project at the last minute. I’d remembered my sister in law, Stephanie, had once asked for a sunflower painting, but I just never found the inspiration to get it done. Her birthday came up and I decided it was the right time so I went for it. I said in another post […]

How-To | Homemade Butter

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. My mom used to make it when she taught preschoolers and many blogs out there talk about making homemade butter. Most places I read said it would take 10-20 minutes but it took me an hour. I think separating it into two jars was the […]

A Good Break

I didn’t mean to really take a week break (that wildflower posting was written weeks ago and was scheduled) from blogging but I’m glad I did. Nothing of great importance happened, but I just didn’t feel like writing. Of course I blogged in my head daily, taking note of things that I wanted to comment […]

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