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I did this project at the last minute. I’d remembered my sister in law, Stephanie, had once asked for a sunflower painting, but I just never found the inspiration to get it done. Her birthday came up and I decided it was the right time so I went for it. I said in another post that I typically take my time hemming and hawing over things before finishing it up but this one worked quickly. I think the last hour was spent listening to Mumford and Sons on Youtube. Good music to work to.

A conversation came up with Chris last week with his mom when she asked if he drew anything anymore. He had done art some in high school (I have some cool envelopes he created when we wrote letters. Yes, we dated pre-internet age.) so she was curious if that carried over at all now. He said something that I just couldn’t identify with, that he didn’t want to create without a purpose, as in creating art to sit in a portfolio somewhere or for no real reason. But he gets is creativity through photography. And while I get my creativity through photography, too, I have to create art even if it languishes in a portfolio for decades.

I can’t contemplate not doing it.


  • chel

    Oh, I LOVE it!! I really love the framing and the composition and the colors. How lovely!

    I can actually relate to what Chris said- I don’t *agree* with it, but it’s something I struggle with daily. It’s why I am having such a hard time painting. Why “waste” my time on work that has no use, that serves no purpose, that doesn’t contribute to the world? It’s a little heartbreaking, actually, because if I felt this way about everything I tried, I would have no garden, no relationships, etc. It’s a tough struggle…

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