Texas Wildflowers | Asclepias tuberosa





This widespread milkweed species is a larval host to monarch butterflies in addition to queen’s and the gray hairstreak. It has has the similar long seed pod with silky hairs that other milkweeds use to propagate. Preferring full sun to light shade, once established these plants can handle mesic to xeric conditions comfortably. These species has a very hairy stem, as seen above, and is apparently not milky when broken like most milkweeds and is instead clear. Definitely add this one in for diversity in your butterfly garden and to attract monarchs!

More information:
+TPWD on the species
+Aggie horticulture
+Milkweed guide

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2 thoughts on “Texas Wildflowers | Asclepias tuberosa

  1. Mom says:

    Very pretty. Don’t guess I have a spot for it in my yard. Too much shade.

  2. chel says:

    These are gorgeous!! Love the color.

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