It’s been awhile since I went out and took photos in the garden using the reverse macro technique. Since Chris got me a new 18-55 lens for my birthday, I’m using my old lens (which had some connection problems) for things like reverse macro and freelensing when I think to use it. Here’s a bit […]

Around the Yard in Early October

Cassia/Senna corymbosa A small sweet potato harvest from volunteers in the vegetable garden. Formosa lily seed pods. Rudbeckia lacinata seed heads. The wild and tangled garden. Visiting trees—he likes to visit the trees along the driveway. Picking okra with me. “Mom, let’s go NOW!” My new mail and harvest catch-all for the way back to […]

More Monarchs

Every time I think the monarchs have moved on and the milkweed has recuperated from being devoured, I find a new round of caterpillars! I’m making plans to be sure to get more milkweed seeds to start for next year because of this very abundant flow these last few months. Next year I think we’re […]