A Year Ago on Springer

A year ago: -We signed our first log book. -We saw our first white blaze. -We froze our butts off in the freezing rain. -We started a crazy, awesome adventure that I won’t forget. Some day I will stop writing about it—maybe—we’ll see about that—but it’s still fresh in my head even if it was […]

Trail Tales 16: New Hampshire

Relevant posts: The Whites: A Definition After crossing into New Hampshire we followed the trail along the road that leads to Dartmouth College and it opened up into what I’d imagined an Ivy League university to look like. It was sprawling, had many old buildings and a large, open field was situated in the middle […]

Trail Tales 15: Vermont

Relevant posts: The Green Mountains Mrrr Rain. Stinky Rain. Today is Free Slurpee Day, and Misti’s Birthday Wildflowers and Such Random Shots from Vermont Hello Vermont! This was a state I was most looking forward and thought it would go on my list of favorites, but while it was beautiful it did not make a […]

Trail Tales 14: Massachusetts

Relevant posts: Group Hiking Make Time’s Thru-Hike Completion Inch by Inch, Rock by Rock I have to say that Massachusetts surprised me. It turned out to be a lovely state and also a plant community and ecosystem change. Once into Mass we descend into Sages Ravine, a *bleeping* cold water source. I prefer my water […]

Trail Tales 13: Connecticut

Relevant posts: New England Once inside Connecticut we climbed Ten Mile Hill. The day had turned overcast from a mostly bright morning. On the north side of Ten Mile Hill we met some Student Conservation Association volunteers reworking parts of the trail. I know that in general flat rocks on the trail are looked at […]

Trail Tales 12: New York

When we arrived in New York we did not hear Frank Sinatra singing to us the ode we all know, instead we were dripping with sweat and moving along slower than we were expecting. We had though we’d passed the Village Vista Trail which would signal we had about 2.7 miles to the road where […]

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