The Two

These people do not know what they are getting themselves into! But they are going to make it to Maine! This trail—-is so flat! I did not think it at the time! Only miles will tell you that. Two years. Two years ago since we went to Georgia and started our Appalachian Trail thru-hike. I’ve […]

Sunrise A Year Ago

I will wax poetic for years to come about August 11, 2010. A year ago if you’d asked me where I would be today I wouldn’t have had a clue. And now, looking back a year later I would have told myself to stay another week or two in Maine and slow the heck down. […]

I could be here…

May 4, 2010, Rice Field Shelter in Virginia, Appalachian Trail It doesn’t fail. There are always particular days that throw me back to last year. March 13: Started the trail, April 20: Getting close to Damascus, May 4: Dad comes to hike, Ashleigh slips away while we have a beautiful sunset. I wish I was […]

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