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Christmas day started off a little bit on the wrong foot. A door was left open or didn’t get closed entirely when Chris left to do an early morning photographic expedition down at Everglades National Park, and three of the cats at Marc and Eliana’s escaped. We only knew about it when one of the cats, Desi, ended up in a fight with a neighborhood stray. I thought he was fighting with another cat in the living room until Eliana knocked on the bedroom door and got me out of bed to look for the third cat, Timber, that they couldn’t find.

It was a long day of walking the neighborhood, putting up some fliers, talking to neighbors and calling the cat. We took a long break after lunch, knowing the cat would lay low in the middle of the day. Around 4:30 Eliana and I were several blocks over when Chris comes zooming up in the car and letting us know that they found the cat in the front yard of the house directly behind them—probably where she’d been all day. *phew*. A huge weight was lifted. I had a feeling she hadn’t gone far, but still, knowing she was out there made for a long day.

Christmas Eve was nice, a quiet evening of pizza, drinking wine and sangria, playing Cranium and listening to Eliana repeatedly sing George Michael’s Last Christmas. Seriously, that song and not something like Carol of the Bells or Oh Holy Night or even Rudolph. Needless to say it ended up in our heads!

Not long after I’d been there Eliana ushered me into their computer room to give me a present. I didn’t have any idea what it was since she said it was for both of us until she started getting all giddy and I saw the size of the box—then I guessed. Glo Bars!. From Oh She Glows.


We tried the Chocolate PeppyMint and they were good! mmmmm!

Then somehow Eliana conned Chris into running out to find a Chia Pet. You see chia seeds are all the rage in the health food world right now and I’d never put two and two together to realize that they are the same plant…duh! Apparently Eliana had been wanting one and had been looking but never found it. So, at 6pm on Christmas Eve we went to Walgreens for a Chia Pet.

We brought her back a dinosaur chia! Oh, and we stopped at a gas station to fill up and Chris came back out and said that
George Michael had been playing over the intercom!

Our Christmas meal was quite non-traditional, a butternut squash pesto pizza. One vegan (vegan cheese—which actually wasn’t bad) and a regular one. Honestly, one of the best pizza’s I’ve had! Really good recipe to try.


After dinner and some relaxing we ended up playing with light painting and photography again and then some crazy jumping in the front yard, but all of those photos are on Chris’ camera and he doesn’t feel like processing them right now. I think there are some very cool shots in there!

Stay warm my cold, snowy friends!

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