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My brother asked me last night how I liked the cold weather. I replied that I was ready for it to go away. He’s in Texas where they’ve had more snow than I can remember this past month.

A month ago I would have enjoyed it, the holiday season, etc. But, it’s just too cold for me now! Yes, living in gardening zone 10B, where we push the tropical zone limits and enjoy all sorts of beautiful plants that love warmth and humidity, has made my blood too thin.

I’m the iguana that hangs onto the tree, hoping not to fall off when it gets too cold.

I’ve almost gone through all of my winter clothes already, they’ve been in the wash already this week.

We warmed up to a beautiful temperature of around 72 yesterday afternoon and even last night I slept warmer. Today, it has gotten progressively colder, rainy and grey the entire day. Perfect for sipping cider and hot tea.

But, not so perfect for sea turtles who are getting cold stunned, and manatees hitting canals and warmer waters near power plants to keep the frost from nipping their noses.

More information on Jamie Drake’s blog about how you can help if you are in Florida.

Weather.com says we may brush 33* tonight in South Florida. I wonder if I will find an icicle in the morning from the rain???

I think Hawaii is looking to be the best place to live at right about now.


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