Love Thursday

Ashleigh Ryon
Photo courtesy of my Curtis and Stephanie Whitlock

In trying to understand just how tiny Ashleigh is, this really brings it home. Yes, that is my brother’s wedding band on her arm. Her little rib cage makes me want to tickle her ribs, just like my dad liked to do with us, and say “goochy, goochy, goo!” Ah, that will have to wait a few months.

Somewhere in the mess of the past week my brother found time to post a blog chronicling the saga up until her birth. Hopefully he will be able to etch out more time for other thoughts, but I suspect that things will be busy for awhile.

When I am home for my visit in two weeks I know I will be put to work…I think he has a shed that needs to be built. Oh and a spring garden to get planted.

What else I am loving this Thursday:
Meghan had some recent luck during to have someone interested in buying photos she took of their pet dog. Score! I’m also insanely jealous. This is me lighting a fire under my arse—–>fire lit—->getting a move on with putting photos up.

But she also created a super cool portable portfolio that has been featured on the blog of the brand of album she used. Such a cool idea!. I’m totally going to um, borrow that idea…yeah. Borrow. 😉

-The weather. It’s beautiful.

-Seeing several bald eagles on the west coast (of Florida) yesterday. Not to mention the enormous flocks of wading birds right now. Insane, people, insane. The only downside is the roadkill on U.S. 41 from the birds nesting so close to the road. Dead wood storks aren’t a good sight to see.

-Oh, and the fact my husband is coming home tomorrow after three weeks in the Bahamas. Yeah…three weeks. WOOHOO! Officially the longest we’ve been away from each other since we were married. The first week—kinda nice. I mean, it’s good to have your own time. The second week—well, last week was an emotional week from hell. Would’ve been nice to have him around. This week—will be good to have him here! Though, I do like the leg room in the bed! hah!

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